5 Things to Know About Climbing Kilimanjaro & Cost


When you are planning to asses climbing Kilimanjaro cost, it is certain that you would have packed up items like the mountain climbing equipment, clothes, shoes and other essential stuff. However, many a times, vaccination is one such thing that people are generally not aware about.

Vaccination helps one cope up with major problems related to height and the climate. Here are few guidelines that will help you make your stay more comfortable and avoid unwanted surprises when climbing 19300 feet.

climbing kilimanjaro

Cholera: It is due to the infection in intestines that causes diarrhoea and vomiting. Cholera is a disease, which is caused by the consumption of contaminated water and food. During your Mount Kilimanjaro tours, make sure that you keep some packed foods and pack all the liquids suitably.

Malaria: Mosquitoes are the reason behind malaria. Throughout the region of Tanzania, malaria is quite prevalent. The chances of encountering with a mosquito decreases as we move up the altitude; however, one must be very careful of mosquitoes all the time. In an atmosphere that is quite damp, the chances of the existence of mosquitoes increase. In order to avoid any kind of physical contact with them, it is advisable to wear full pants and appropriate footwear. At night, you must put on a mosquito net so as to avoid being bitten by them. A chemical named Diethyl Toluene is helpful in keeping them away. This chemical is available in the form of pills and sprays as well. They are not so expensive and can be easily purchased in the market.

Yellow Fever: Also while travelling to Tanzania you are required to show a proof that you have taken the yellow fever vaccination or the necessary checkup. Yellow fever is caused from Adedes Mosquito, which can be found in large number in this region.

Altitude: Another very common problem faced by climbers is the psychological problem related to altitude. Low level of oxygen becomes a major reason for most of their problems. In order to cure the problem associated with low levels of oxygen, a drug named Acetazolamide is prescribed to all those climbing the mountain peak.  However, there are a few side effects of taking this drug. Increased urination and weakening of vision are a few. Sometimes, sensations like those of pins and needles are also experienced.

Hence, before you climb this peak, do keep the above points in mind. Also visit your doctor so as to get proper medicinal kit for your safe journey.

The major reason that makes it such a back breaking trip is the variant acclimatization and the irregular route. So, it’s very much necessary to do proper research before heading to Kilimanjaro.

Wet wipes can really be your savior on the mountain. If you want to clean up, just grab a wet wipe. Are you out of toilet paper? Use your wet wipe. Do you want to clean some fruits? You know it now, grab a wet wipe. Wet wipes will keep you clean till the end during your trek.

Make sure that you plan on climbing Kilimanjaro well in advance to make it a memorable journey for your lifetime, and assess all the items including vaccination, while assessing the cost for your trip to Kilimanjaro.


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